Vision: Evolve as a ‘one of its kind’ Centre for promotion of entrepreneurship in hospitality, tourism, culinary arts and Nutrition in the country.


Mission: To Accelerate assist and promote entrepreneurship in hospitality, tourism, culinary arts, and Nutrition through support to start-ups in the hospitality industry, develop their ventures by offering a portfolio of services tailored to their early-stage needs.


Objectives WEDC:

  • To start and develop a gourmet store, food truck and a student run restaurant under WEDC to give students hands on experience to start a business.
  • Help student startups to solve problems associated with launching by providing
    • Mentoring
    • Technical services
    • Training
    • Space for product development
    • Access to shared equipment etc
  • Collaboration with the alumni entrepreneurs
  • Providing young businesses with networking opportunities, mentoring resources and access to shared equipment.