WGSHA wins Chef Competition “Winners Rolling Trophy” at Odyssey 2020

February 29, 2020

WGSHA wins Chef Competition “Winners Rolling Trophy” at Odyssey 2020

Odyssey is the gala event hosted by the department of hotel management at Christ (deemed to be University) in partnership with Taj Group of Hotels and Palaces. Odyssey 2020 was the 26th edition of national level, annual fest. "The Cuisiner" or Chef Comp is the flagship event of Odyssey. The event had many prestigious hospitality and catering colleges participating in various competitions held over a period of two days. These events are designed to test both the participants knowledge of fundamentals and innovation.

The WGSHA brigade comprised of students from both the streams BACA & BHM taking part in all the events:

1) The Hotelier (General Management)- Ms. Sonali Balchander and Varsha Anil

2) The Restauranteur (Restaurant Management)- Ms. Samyuktha kakarla and Ms. Vrinda Bhatt

3) The Voyager (Travel and Tourism Management)- Ms. Angel Sushmita Baskar and Ms. Joanna Thomas 

4) The Embellisseur (Accommodation Management)- Mr. Shiv Sharma and Ms. Anushree

5) The Ameliorateur (Luxury Management Group task)- group of 4 students from each department.

6) The Cerveau (Hospitality Quiz)- group of 2 from each department

7) The Cuisiner ( Chef Competition)- Mr. Kevin Benjamin with Mr. Prabhakar Kumar Mittal and Mr. Ujjwal Nayak with Ms. Esha Sukhwani

The competition was intense with WGSHA missing the "Restauranteur" by the barest of margins, and giving a tough competition in the rest of the events.

However WGSHA students nailed the flagship event "Cuisiner" over the course of three rounds based on Indian cuisine with a distinguished "Wild ingredient" round which demanded the most to standout as the participants had to bring in an ingredient from their locale and showcase it as the core ingredient in the dish keeping the origin intact.

The second round was "Biryanis of India" and the last round was "The Great Indian Thali". Each round tested the contestants on their basic understanding of flavor, time management, presentation and knowledge of cuisine.

The Taj Group of Hotels Winners Rolling Trophy CHEF COMPETITION was awarded to students of WGSHA, - Mr. Ujjwal Nayak and Ms. Esha Sukhwani from BHM on the basis of commutative scoring of all the rounds.

Valedictory ceremony was commenced at Taj West End, Bengaluru.