'Digital Marketing Strategy' - a webinar with Mr. Ashish Narang - WGSHA Alumnus

May 23, 2020

Interacive webinar held with WGSHA Alumnus Ashish Narang

Manipal May 23, 2020: On the 23rd May 2020, the students of WGSHA were privileged to attend a webinar on the Microsoft Teams app, the students of both BACA and BHM were given an insight on the topic Digital Marketing Strategy by Mr. Ashish Narang working as a Cluster Revenue Manager, Coast Hotels, Canada. Sir is an alumnus of WGSHA, part of the 16th course BHM and graduated in the year 2005.

He started off the lecture with how WGSHA has helped him to grow and become a better person and the kind of exposure the college has given him. He gave us an insight about the hotels he has worked after graduating from WGSHA. Sir spoke about the Primary and secondary stake holders of the Hotel Industry, these stake holders hold an important position in the development of the Hotel Industry.

Sir spoke about the Key Departments of the hotel industry namely Front office, Culinary F&B Service and housekeeping when he started working and as the time passed there are many other departments which has a key role to play in the functionality of the hotel.

Mr. Narang dived into the depths of topics like hospitality distribution and marketing landscape, digital distribution channels, effective hotel distribution strategy and many more.

He also spoke about types of digital marketing like email marketing and social marketing. He elaborated on how with the advancement of technology, 80% of mobile users, book hotels online. The session was then followed by a Q&A session where sir answered all the questions in much more detail and depth.

The webinar ended with a vote of thanks.