Theme Lunch: Konkan Express at WGSHA

As a part of Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration tradition, the students of Batch 1 of the 29th Course BHM conducted a theme lunch for our faculty on the 27th of September, 2016, named the “Konkan Express”. The theme of the lunch was based on a culinary journey from Mumbai to Goa by train, signifying the several major stops on the way as well as the mouth watering food you can get your hands on as passengers. In the konkan Express, we highlighted five major stops from Mumbai to Goa, namely, Andheri, Chiplun, Rathnagiri, Thivim and Madgaon. The venue for our theme lunch was our mock restaurant Chaya, which was setup as a train platform and the seating arrangement was made as such that the guests felt they were sitting inside a train itself. At different parts of the restaurant, we set up stalls, as if to signify the various stations that were being highlighted. The guests began their culinary journey from Andheri, where dishes such as Missal Pav and Keema Pav were served. On their stop at Chiplun, they relished the mouth watering chilli pakodas. To further create an ambiance of a train journey, servers dressed up as road side vendors served dishes like Sol Khadi and Masala Nachni Papad, along with refreshments of Coke and Fanta. As the guests reached their last three stops, they were treated with Mango Barfi’s, the sweet delicacy of Rathnagiri, as well as Banana Steamed Fish as well as plantains from Thivim, to spice things up. On reaching Madgaon, the passengers reached their final culinary destination and devoured Thali’s of food comprising of Goan Specialities such as Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Xaccuti as well as Sorak Khadi, with a side of Pulao, steamed Sanna’s , and spicy house made Chilli Pickle. To round up their journey, guests were also served with the Goan Specialty Bibenca and were also served hot Cutting Chai by the “roadside vendors”. The students of Batch 1 were all actively involved in the success of this theme lunch, from the preparation of the food, the decoration of the restaurant as well as the service of the food.