Spirit of Hospitality II: Webinar with Thomas A. Gugler President of Worldchefs

May 12, 2020

Spirit of Hospitality II - Join webinar with Thomas A. Gugler 

On the 12th of May 2020, students of the final year hotel management and culinary arts courses at WGSHA participated in a webinar "The Spirit of Hospitality II", addressed by the renowned Chef Thomas Gugler, President of the World Association of Chef's Societies, with numerous accolades and years of experience to his name.

The program began with an introduction to the FAST (Faculty Assisted Study & Training) training implemented by WGSHA to prepare its final year students for campus placements by bringing renowned members of the hospitality industries together to offer their advice and experiences.

Our Principal, Chef K. Thiru then introduced the participants to Chef Thomas, detailing his experience and accolades in the industry. Chef Thomas then to present a number of topics relating the spirit of hospitality to food, starting with Middle Eastern food and the traditional Saudi dishes close to his heart, with him spending 17 years in various culinary positions in Saudi Arabia.

Chef Thomas started by describing the "Changing Tastes and Food Trends" which have gradually shaped modern Saudi cuisine, describing them as a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, gradually developed after years of pilgrimages and the intermingling of different cultures. He pointed out the similarities that traditional Arabian cuisine has to Indian and European cuisine, with dishes such as the "Al-Mutabbaq", but also focused on the importance that the local availability of fresh ingredients had on the dietary staples.

Post that, Chef Thomas pointed out the importance of ethnic food in keeping traditions alive, and the adverse effects that the fast food boom has had over the past decades. He spoke about WorldChefs, the organisation he presides over, and its goal to "Help create meals which are both healthier and environmentally friendly", to maintain and improve the culinary standards of global cuisines.

Chef Thomas spoke briefly on the various trends and issues with modern cuisine and fast foods, and the various changes required to help the world and environment. He spoke briefly about the current COVID-19 situation, and the importance of HACCP in relation to it. Chef concluded by declaring the importance of chefs in advocating the various food changes needed to improve our environment, followed by a short Q&A session with the students.

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