February 18, 2022

As part of Accommodation operations syllabus, Students of 34th course BHM attended an insightful session on " Safe housekeeping practices while handling mechanical equipment" conducted by Mr Dileep Nair, service manager, Manipal trading company on 18th February 2022 from 2 to 4 pm

Through this session, students learnt about wet and dry vacuum. Sir showed us the machine from the karcher company and assembled it from first step and demonstrated the usage of the machine. He also enlightened us on the various vacuum heads and its different application.  Through the live practical demonstration, we learnt the proper steps to use, clean and handle the vacuum as well as its safety standards.  The same was done for – the manual sweeper. Under Sirs’ guidance the students operated the machine and had a hands on experience of how the manual sweeper works.

We then had a brief session on chemicals used in housekeeping.  Sir talked about 3 types of chemicals that are identified through pH scale

1] Acidic  – 0 to 4 pH e.g.: toilets

2] Alkaline- 7 to 14 pH e.g., floors

3] neutral / water based- 5 to 6 pH e.g., air fresheners

Sir ended the talk explaining of the chemical they use and safety precautions on how to use it.