Rice Packet Challenge: Giving a tonne of smiles

The rice packet challenge was initiated by the students of WGSHA.

April 22, 2017

Rice Packet Challenge

The Rice Packet Challenge is an event planned in order to support the noble cause of aiding the deprived section of the society. This thought inspired over 300 WGSHA students to contribute to the cause, enabling the team to acquire 1000kgs of rice which was bestowed to ‘Vishwasada Mane’. The students and faculty members unified and gathered today 22nd April 2017 9.00 am at End Point Grounds for the purpose of commencing this challenge.

Event started with a message from Vice-Principal Chef Thiru. At this occasion representative of ‘Vishwasada Mane’ Mr. Andrew Mathew, Estate officer Mr. Jaivittal, student coordinator Anish Hissaria were present.

More than 300 students gathered for the event. They were each given 5kg rice packets and then symbolically presented to the representative of ‘Vishwasada Mane’, later loaded into a truck and sent to ‘Vishwasda Mane’ after the event.

Students under the faculties’ assistance headed to Vishwasada Mane, which is located in Yeshupura, Udupi. There was further interaction with the people who manage the orphanage. Students understood how they are trying to help and shelter the orphans, homeless people and the mentally challenged, in order to transform them and enable them to interact with the society and stand firmly amongst them.

The organization to which the Charity was made, works for a cause of the betterment and development of the society. In order to support them the students of WGSHA-Manipal Academy of Higher Education contributed in ways they can and which would be extremely helpful to this organization.

At the end of the event the students were happy that they were able to help in the way they could for the betterment of the society. They also learned about the how they helped and added to this noble cause.

This event at college level was just the prelims. Students intend to carry out this event at a larger scale i.e. university level.

Siddhi Sapru compered the program. The students Vedant Patil, Tilottama Ganguly, Manish Kumar and Rohan Shetty coordinated. Faculty Rahul Shedbalkar, Ajith Kumar, Raghavendra G, Prasenjit Sarker, Keith Shrilvin Nigl and Sandeep Srivastava were present and assisted in the event.

For more photos - https://goo.gl/photos/tDJMi1MLfpLtynoG8