Culinary Immersion Program 2020 held for 10th Course - B.A. (Culinary Arts)

August 11, 2020

Immersion program (orientation Day) is where the students get the first feel of the college, which will be their home for the coming years. It is in the hands of the team managing the induction day to generate a certain picture of the college in the minds of the new students on this day. The idea behind this programme was to help partner with the parents who along with the management, staff and students are important stake-holders in the pursuit of imparting holistic education to help our students become learnt people for the society.

 Keeping this in mind, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, organised an Online Culinary Arts Immersion Program for the parents and guardians of the new students who have enrolled for BA Culinary Arts program this year, that spoke of the moral values of this Esteemed institute of Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Around 180 students with their parents/guardians attended the programme through Microsoft Team online on day 1 and day 2 respectively. Chef Raj Mohan was the MC on 10th August 2020.

The formal programme began by invoked the blessings of the Almighty.

 Followed by the invocation, WGSHA paid the tribute to our visionaries Dr.TMA PAI & Mr.Y.C.Deveshwar (Ex ITC Chairman) by showing the mini documentaries of  them, which speaks of how and why the Institute was formed by the great visionary Dr.TMA Pai. Knowing the value of the land and Institute one belongs to, imbibes a feeling of belonging, which is the first step towards acceptance and freedom in thought. The documentary worked effectively on this context.

After this initial ritual and of seeing the Documentary, Chef Raj Mohan, welcomed the gathering. The programme was presided over by Chef K Thirugnanasambandham, Principal of WGSHA.

Welcome by the Emcee followed by “The Principal of the College, Chef K.Thiru, delivered the Inaugural address. Chef K Thiru started his speech by highlighting MAHE & ITC’s excellence with a full feature length of 45 minutes.

Chef K Thiru, The Principal, addressed the parents by thanking them for being stakeholders of WGSHA and he addressed the students with a note of welcoming them to WGSHA and along with a presentation on the code of conduct that the students are expected to follow through their entire course of three years. The principal said that the syllabus of WGSHA is one of the best syllabus’ in the world and motivated the students to study the same with complete interest and dedication. He mentioned that WGSHA is developing a lot of students with abundant technical skills. He mentioned the new students to be ready to face the fourth industrial revolution which will commence in near future by sharpening the skills. Chef K.Thiru mentioned the students to be aware of their purpose of stay here at WGSHA. and the importance of attendance in college.

 Sir accentuated that every student should be very creative. He also stressed the importance of dedication to one’s profession and the need to have proper planning before taking up. He also addressed the students and advised them to be focused on academics., entrepreneurship over on campus placement.

The Principal explained how WGSHA conducts the Industry-Academia Interface program to enhance its students to become world-class professionals.  He also added that to grow into a successful professional, an individual need to have good leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, stress bearing capacity, innovative ideas and self-confidence. WGHSA organizes various seminars and workshops to impart these skills to its students.

He highlighted the importance of Professional feedback on syllabus and Outcome Based Education and also he illuminated the audience about state of the art infrastructure of the campus and highlighted the experience of dynamic faculty members.

He advised the Students that, they should try to attain overall development in sports, extra-curricular activities in addition to academics.  Also, the Principal mentioned that within the curriculum of Culinary Arts, all the students go for on the job training with the annexure Hotel Fortune Inn Valley View, making the students contribute their best in the Industry.

He also addressed the parents by discussing how the course of culinary arts is different from any other professional course. The principal further moved on to discuss how the college is actively involved in generating a global outlook in the students through different tie ups with foreign institutions and how this affects the approach of the student towards their capacity to design.

The future developmental plans of the college were presented to the parents They were also told about the successful Alumnus of WGSHA, Wall of Fame and were made to know about Alumni Mentor details.

In his brief address to the students and parents, the Principal expressed delight over to light that WGSHA is going to launch a Unique Program named MA-Indian Cuisine & Food Culture, wherein the students will start working on block syllabus. This program will help the students to explore in depth on Indian Cuisine and cultivate the authentic Indian Cuisine Chefs.

Also he mentioned the parents to stay in touch with faculty members and mentors. and constantly check for updates.

Principal Chef k Thirugnanasambandham, ended by immensely inspiring the students with his majestic speech and also by forwarding best wishes and motivation to all the newly-arriving students at WGSHA.  The program ended by creating a significant impact on the students of the college and motivating them to achieve great heights.

Once after the Principal’s Message, All the faculty members were presented their self-introduction to the parents and students.

In continuation with the introduction, Mrs Shreelatha Rao,The Student Welfare Officer of WGSHA,  briefed the students about the rules and regulations of the institute and requested the students and parents to understand and abide by the institutional rules and norms. Also She mentioned about the “Faculty as Student Mentors’, Professional Counselling, Online counselling, student welfare, code of conduct, Safety of Security of Campus life, Anti Ragging Committee, Hostel & Cafeteria Facility, Hostel Team of WGSHA & details of “Student Council of WGSHA”. And also she discussed about the housing environment at the institute, the facilities and infrastructure active in the hostels

Also she specified that, Swimming in Arabian Sea is Strictly Prohibited and any kind of substance abuse will lead to severe disciplinary actions. She laid stress on effective communication between the teachers and parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the best could be done for the overall development of the students

Followed by, Chef Kaliappan, Academic Co-Ordinator & Chef Vasantha Sigamany, Head of Culinary Arts, presented a brief on academic structure of the course, along with grading scheme and results, which gave necessary information about the academic design of the BA-Culinary Arts Program. The detailed program structure and evaluation criteria were explained to students. The presentation also enlisted the rules and regulations regarding academic matters that need to be followed by the students through their course. They later also explained the importance of exams and how the grading systems function, to give clarity related to marking systems for the parents present during the program.

The major objective of the programme was to make the parents and students aware of the academic aspects of the course, the curriculum, examination pattern, school systems, teaching methodologies the rules and regulations of the Institute, and the co-scholastic activities. and ensuring parental participation in monitoring the performance and progress of the students and as well to help in their smooth and comfortable transition with the institution        

To enlighten our parents on autonomy and to address any queries and concerns of parents, a panel discussion was held and clarified the doubts of parents and students.

Followed by, the program ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Chef Manish.

The second day started with a program overview by Chef Manish as emcee of the day.

Followed by the subject introduction of all the modules and assignments, their teaching plans and evaluation pattern was explained by the concerned module leaders.

The freshmen were introduced to the various clubs of the college. Chef Manoj introduced the college’s Gastronomy Club for passionate chefs, Chef Anthuvan introduced Mad Over Baking club for the baking enthusiasts, Ms.Pallav Shettigar introduced the Cultural Club for the lovely performers, the Mr.Raghavendra presented the Digital and Social Media Club. The Accommodation Club was introduced by Mr.Ratnadeep Bhattacharyya, Literary Club by Mr Prithvi Roy, On the Rocks club by Mr Vageesh Kelkar respectively.

Chef Anthuvan Raj -  VSO- Faculty Coordinator, spoke on the volunteer service activities. And gave a picture of VSO activities of WGSHA and MAHE to the students and their parents.

Followed next was a brief on importance of sports in student life, its role in acceptance at various organisation and sports curriculum of the institute, by the Sports Club Coordinators Chef Sudhahar & Chef Nischal. A sport club is a group of students organized and established to promote and develop the interest and skills of members in sport related activities. The milestones of the sport club achieved and the sports facilities available in the campus were familiarized by them.

Librarian of the institute, Ms.Jothi Mallaya., explained in detail about the vast inventory of resources available at the library, both in form of book as well as e-books. She also mentioned, all the facilities present at the library were given a short mention, like LAN, reading halls, Subscriptions, journals.

Followed by, Mrs.H.S Sethu, coordinator of Welcomgroup  Entrepreneurship Development Cell, discussed the importance of entrepreneurship and how innovation and incubation centre set up at the college can facilitate in shaping and honing start-ups at the institute. she further discussed the vital role of development of new schemes & technologies and how WGHSHA should play a role in it, with the aim to groom students into successful entrepreneurs.

Followed next was the introduction of the Guest of Honour, Our alumni of 18th course BHM, Chef Girish Nayak, Chief Mithaiwala, Bombay Sweet Shop was done by the Culinary Head-Chef Vasanthan.

In continuation with that, Chef Girish Nayak, gave his enlightening and motivating speech lasted for 25 minutes.

He is a very enthusiastic Chef, he enlightened the new batch of culinary arts students by sharing his experience. First he mentioned that, it made a big challenge for him to get into this course from a family of doctors. He addressed, more on how he faced the challenges start from his academics and in industry, and even he was denied with the visa. Later how he joined in CIA and worked with Michelin Star Restaurants and Chefs. And also he shared that how he thought of learning the Indian sweets and sugar art. Also he mentioned how he has chosen to come back to India. Once come to India, how he was received here in terms of opportunities. Also He mentioned that he travelled all over India to learn the regional desserts of all Indian states. He spent more time on learning all the deserts from scratch. He expressed his gratitude to all those who taught him during his learning journey and also he added that the traditional sweet makers are eagerly waiting for this generation students to learn the art and to take Indian Sweets next level. And he encouraged all the culinary students to learn well and work hard and also to be with the thirst of lifelong learning. He struck a chord with every person in the audience with his candid nature and his enterprising and engaging talk.

Later his speech was summarised by Chef Vasanthan, then the forum was opened for Q& A session with Chef Girish Nayak. So many students interacted with Chef Girish Nayak and felt motivated and geared up.

The final vote of thanks was proposed by Chef Raj Mohan also expressed his gratitude to the MAHE & ITC Leadership, Dignitaries, Chief Guest, for graced the occasion and thanked the Parents & Students for being a great audience.