New Age Entrepreneurial opportunities & Cloud Kitchen Course - WGSHA - TKG Ventures

Start Date: August 03, 2021

End Date: August 03, 2021

We are proud to host Mr.Manvir Singh Anand on a webinar titled

"New Age Entrepreneurial opportunities in the Food Service Sector post the pandemic" - Insight into Cloud Kitchen and Chef-led Businesses

The speaker Mr. Manvir Singh Anand is a Food Business Expert, Entrepreneur in the F&B Industry, Tedx Speaker and a Bestselling Author.

This is in conjunction with UGCs one year of Transformative Reforms under National Education Policy 2020 under the theme “Skill, Entrepreneurship Development, Employability: Challenges and opportunities.”

Date 3.08.2021

Time  at 3 P.M

Promotion of youth entrepreneurship in hospitality and culinary  and other related fields is found to be the need of the hour during these hard times. This webinar is being organized by Welcomgroup Entrepreneurship Development Cell.