My Life My Way - Webinar with Rajat Parr - WGSHA Alumnus

Start Date: May 28, 2020

End Date: May 28, 2020

My Life My Way - Webinar with Rajat Parr - WGSHA Alumnus

On 28th May, 2020 a webinar was conducted with Mr. Rajat Parr for all the students of WGSHA. The webinar session was a part on the ongoing FAST program initiated by our principal Chef Thiru, in March, 2020.

The renowned guest speaker was a distinguished alumnus from the 6th Course BHM.

As a student at WGSHA, Mr. Parr aimed to become a chef. He was enthusiastic about cooking, and worked diligently to form a strong infrastructure for his dream career.

He started by telling us about his initial years of struggle. Before getting selected at the CIA, he worked as an MT at Taj, Calcutta for a while.

At the CIA, for the first two semesters he worked at an Indian restaurant, part time to earn pocket money.

Mr Parr graduated from the Culinary Institute of America where his interest for wines took hold. After graduating from CIA, he chose to pursue the cellar instead of the kitchen.

Flying to San Francisco to conquer his dreams was challenge as he had to borrow money from friends.

Originally he joined Rubicon as a back waiter, and got to work under Master Sommelier Larry Stone only after three weeks. There, he honed his wine knowledge and tasting talent that propelled him to become one the world’s most celebrated sommeliers.

From years of experience that he shared with us, he emphasized on the fact that, the journey is more important than the destination. And, only the process and the perseverance matter in the long run.

After this, he took over the wine program at San Francisco’s landmark Fifth Floor restaurant before moving to join Chef Michael Mina as the wine director.

He highlighted the value of mentorship and also stated that giving back to the community is a crucial part of evolving.

Fascinated about all things wine, he frequently travelled to wine regions which ultimately translated into bottling his own wines. At first, these were blends selected from wines produced by others, but in a short time, Mr. Parr made his transition from sommelier to wine producer.

In 2018, he launched the Rajat Parr Wine Club, a label of unique and esoteric wines sold directly to members.

He presently is a sommelier, co-founder of winery Domaine de la Cote and three-time James Beard award winner.

His dedication to achieve goals and willingness to walk the road less taken motivated all of us to do the same. Determination is the key is to success formed the essence of the webinar!

After the presentation, the session was followed by Mr. Parr humbly answering all the questions that the students had, clearing everyone’s doubt with utmost enthusiasm and patience. 

It was indeed a privilege to have him with us and learn from him!