Webinar Session with  Chef Parvinder Singh Bali

May 08, 2020

Webinar Session with  Chef Parvinder Singh Bali

WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration hosted a Webinar Session by Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Corporate Chef- Learning and Development- The Oberoi Center for Learning and Development. The topic of the Webinar was “Spirit of Hospitality” and the benefciaries of the above session were the students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year BHM and 2nd and 3rd years of B A Culinary Arts. The session did not commence on time because of technical shortcomings.

The session started with Mr. Parithosh Dabral opening the forum by speaking about previous webinars and this was followed the Introduction of the Chief Guest by our Principal Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham following which was a 40 minutes key note address by the resource person. Chef Bali recalled his previous visits to Manipal and told how WGSHA offers him a memorable experience each time he visits.

Chef Bali, told how the COVID -19 pandemic is a boon in disguise to all the hospitality professionals who barely get anytime to spend with families otherwise. Chef gave a picture of the current situation across the globe and mentioned how each sectors including Information Technology etc. is being affected during this period of crisis. Chef mentioned about Psychological Safety of Work Personnels to increase their Cognitive Human Performance in the future days to come. Chef gave is an insight about how social distancing and high hygiene standards in restaurants and workplaces are going to be very critical. He mentioned about revival, redesigning and restructuring of daily operations of receiving, storage etc. in order to maintain higher degree of safety. He even mentioned about various contaminations through some of the common contact points inside a commercial kitchen such as door knobs etc. and urged us students to think about ways to prevent this. Chef discussed how we as students can make use of the internet and social media wisely by joining online classes and also making use of the new trend of “Instagram live” where many chefs feature easy and basic recipes. He concluded his key note address by telling how Being Minimalistic in all sense can help in tackle this crisis.

This was followed by an Interactive session with Chef Bali and students posed their questions which he answered with his sheer knowledge and wisdom where he discussed how chefs can popularize the use of immunity building ingredients like drumstick leaves, ginger and turmeric amongst the people and promote healthy eating.

The session concluded by 11:20 a.m. with a Vote of thanks.