Expert talk on 'Money Matters: Hospitality Perspective' held for MHM students

February 05, 2022

WGSHA Manipal FEB 05, 2022: The expert session on “Money Matters: Hospitality Perspective” was arranged for the students of WGSHA to learn about the rising usefulness and importance of finance in the hospitality Industry.

The guest speaker was Mr. Lakshminarayan Srinivasan, who is an alumnus of WGSHA’s 14th course BHM. Mr. Lakshminarayan talked about the history of hospitality and the evolution of the industry. The students of 2nd course MHM got insights about tech-enabled hospitality platforms and hospitality investments. Mr. Lakshminarayan explained aspects of the time value of money and the effects of economic conditions on hospitality sector. The students learned financial analysis techniques from a hands-on expert, Mr. Lakshminarayan.


The online session was inaugurated with the prestigious presence and guidance of Principal Chef Thirugnanasambantham K and was organized by Mrs. Sethu with a team of student volunteers from 2nd course MHM. The MC for the event, Mr. Akshat Kher coordinated the event smoothly. Introduction was hosted by Ms. Bilinder Francis. The session was summarized by Ms. Divya Jha with a vote of thanks from Mr. Roshan Mohammad. The session was a great success and the students got invaluable lessons about the financial front of the hospitality industry.