Entrepreneurship Motivation - An Online Webinar held at WGSHA

July 23, 2020

Entrepreneurship Motivation - An Online Webinar held at WGSHA

WGSHA, through Welcomgroup Entrepreneurship Development(WEDC) organized an Entrepreneurship Motivation Webinar on the 23rd of August 2020 to motivate WGSHA students towards taking entrepreneurship as an option to employment.

Chef Thiru - Principal, WGSHA gave his message and stressed on the importance of Entrepreneurship in hospitality and culinary field, especially at a time when the industry is hard hit due to the pandemic.

Mr. Murali Sriinivasan, an experienced entrepreneur and a design consultant held the interest of the participants till the end.. The speaker emphasized on  importance of not losing ones hopes in difficult pandemic times like this. Highlighting the  innovative ways that are required for the  culinary industry. He  urged the students to  write  down their objectives clearly, and motivated the students to ideate and think of  newer ideas gravitating towards organic healthy lifestyle and food. He stressed consistency in  quality of food and  service. He also touched upon the importance of mentorship. 

The Webinar was well attended with about 200 participants. The feedback was very good and encourages the WEDC to organize more Webinars on to promote entrepreneurship amongst WGSHA students. The webinar was cordinated by Ms. Sethu HS - Associate  Professor & Coordinator – Welcomgroup  Entrepreneurship Development Cell(WEDC)