Emotional Intelligence: Webinar held with Mrs. Sharon Dalal

April 27, 2020

Emotional Intelligence: Webinar held with Mrs. Sharon Dalal

On the 27th of April, the students of 34th Course BHM and 9th Course BACA were privileged to attend an online seminar on Emotional Intelligence conducted by Mrs. Sharon Dalal, an alumna of the 16th Course BHM, who is currently posted as a Director of Learning and Development at the Rose Rayhaan by Rotana in Dubai.

Mrs. Dalal started off the seminar by drawing a comparison between humans and icebergs, saying that humans too, have a lot more to them than just our surface. She explained how to regulate our emotions in order to make them useful. She then went on to explain the 6 second model of Emotional Intelligence or the KCG model. This model focused on three main aspects of Emotional Intelligence, which are:

1. Know Yourself – This aspect of the model emphasizes on the need of having a sense of purpose. Mrs. Dalal started off this segment with a little game. She gave the audience a minute to list out some emotions that they have experienced. On average, most people could list out 8 words, whereas Mrs. Dalal said that there were over 5000 words. This model of Emotional Intelligence helps a person to increase their emotional literacy. She concluded this segment by urging everybody to look at what they wanted to change in themselves, with the help of an example.

2. Choose Yourself – This part focused on being intentional and knowing why one did the activities that they performed. She spoke about how we sometimes are overcome with emotions and perform acts that we regret later. Mrs. Dalal explained that in stress situations, it is the amygdala of the brain which prompts a reaction from the person. She then illustrated her point with the help of a few examples. Ma’am concluded this part of the segment by teaching us the need of counting to 10 before we react. This is because it takes a person 6 seconds to reconnect with their rational side.

3. Give Yourself – The last part of the seminar and the 6 second model was based on the concept of a person knowing their “Ikigai”, which is the reason for being, and knowing one’s purpose. Mrs. Dalal explained the difference between having sympathy and empathy, and said that the model explained by her can help in any situation.

Mrs. Dalal finally made us all introspect as to what our feelings were, what we could do about them, and voicing them out. she concluded the seminar with a beautiful quote, which was – “Live today the way you want to be remembered tomorrow”. This seminar surely helped a lot of students understand the value of Emotional Intelligence, and I am sure that it will greatly help us in bettering our skills in the industry.