Community service visit to Namma Bhoomi

Namma Bhoomi (our Earth) campus near Kundapur town, Udupi district at the foothills of Western Ghats houses Namma Nalanda Vidyapeeta school which is run by the NGO ‘The concerned for working children’. This place of innate potential and talented people gave an opportunity to the students of DAHS, WGSHA to explore their abode, educate and serve them.

November 12, 2014

The team consisted of faculty and students of Dietetics and Nutrition (DAN) and Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM). The group was headed by Mrs Meenakshi Garg (HOD DAN), Mrs Pallavi Shettigar, Ms Swathi Acharya, Mr Valsaraj, Mrs. Shreelatha Rao and Mrs. Jyothi Mallya.

At 9:00 AM, the bus filled with the enthusiastic members left the college premises and headed towards the Namma Bhoomi destination. The journey of almost two hours gave an exposure to the picturesque nature and the tranquil rivers. At 10:45 AM, team reached the premises of Namma Bhoomi, the coordinators and the caretakers of the organization extended their warm welcome and graciously showed us their campus.

There was as an interaction with the members of the organization. The students of Nalanda Vidyapeeta School were also present. The DAN members from the group imparted an education talk to the kids regarding Nutrition, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation. This was followed by the fun interactive Games and the performances of the kids from the organization. The WGSHA team had also arranged for the snacks and beverages.

The Namma Bhoomi people gave the tantalizing taste of their Kundapuri cuisine for the lunch. After which the students explored the rest of the premises and Namma Angadi, which showcases the student’s innate talent in handloom, art, craft and pottery work. This was then followed by the visit to Nalanda Vidyapeeta School. The community service trip gave students an opportunity to mingle with the young innovative minds. To get along with the students and faculty of Namma Bhoomi, to experience their abode and to explore their talents was extremely pleasant memory.