Communicating Corporate Image by Sowparnika Attawar

As part of the subject 'ICT in Hospitality Travel and Tourism', WGSHA had organized a guest lecture on Communicating Corporate Image for the students of BHM III Year on 25th January 2019.

January 25, 2019

Different marketing strategies would be useful to us in the future: Sowparnika Attawar

January 25, 2019: A workshop was held in our college for 3rd year BHM Students on Communicating Corporate Image by Ms. Sowparnika Attawar, Assistant Professor at School Of Communication, MAHE. The session was organised by faculty Mr. Raghavendra G and Mr. Ajith Kumar under the guidance of Principal Chef K Thiru.

The main objectives of this workshop was to make us understand what is corporate image, its importance and different ways adapted by companies to project their corporate image.

Points Highlighted by the speaker are:

1. Corporate communication is defined as different ways companies communicate their identities to mark themselves in the market by annual reports, advertising, magazines, newsletters, slogans, logos, events and exhibitions. Word of mouth, sponsorship and social welfare activities are some others ways of Communicating Corporate Image.

2. Importance of Communicating Corporate Image for a company:

  • To project it’s brand by showing their uniqueness, systems and values.
  • To attract people and keep up their brand.

She made the lecture interesting by showing and explaining few short brand advertising videos. Ms. Attavar supported her argument with a variety of videos of successful marketing campaigns of brands like Honda, Etihad Airways and Nike.

Also she narrated the story of the fall of the famous Ratner Jewelry brand of UK due to certain inappropriate jokes made by the CEO, Mr. Gerald Ratner during a business convention.

Overall it was very informative.  And we are enthusiastic to have more such workshops.