Fruit Mixing Celebrated at Dept. of Culinary Arts by WGSHA (MAHE) and FIVV

Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in collaboration with Fortune Inn Valley View celebrated the harbinger of the approaching Christian Christmas Festival - The Fruit Mixing Ceremony on the Friday 23rd of November 2018 at WGSHA Hostel Mess. The event was conducted holding up the true Christmas spirit as the entire venue was decorated beautifully keeping the theme in mind, giving a very festive mood to the whole occasion.

November 23, 2018

The event was made even more special by the presence of the Madam Vasanthi Pai - Chairperson Hostel Committee, the esteemed dignitaries of Manipal Academy of Higher Education were Pro Chancellor of MAHE Dr. H.S. Balal, Dr, Vinod Bhatt - Vice Chancellor, Dr. Poornima Baliga - Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Sciences), Dr PLNG Rao Pro Vice Chancellor (Quality Assurance), Dr Narayan Sarabhit - Registrar, Dr Vinod Thomas - Registrar Evaluation and the 10th Course BHM Alumni of WGSHA made the event even more memorable. They were welcomed with heartfelt warmth and offered Chef caps and aprons to adorn.

The Fruit mixing ceremony being a traditional ritual marks the arrival of the Harvest Festival and thus all the freshly harvested fruits and nuts go in the making of the conventionally loved Christmas dessert- the Plum Cake. As it was done religiously centuries ago, the fruits and nuts are soaked in Rum and Brandy which when used in the dessert enhances the flavor and adds warmth to the final Cake. But here at WGSHA, it was done a little different. Rather than just mixing the nuts and fruits with the required alcohol, they are artistically arranged on a huge table representing the highlighting characteristics of the beautiful Christmas festival. Bottles of the wine and alcohol to be poured were gracefully made to stand around the arrangement and silver coins were placed. These coins represent good luck and charm for the rest of the year for those who find it in their cakes post baking and distribution. This ritual is performed in a very homely environment wherein each member of the family takes part in the ceremony, highlighting a sense of togetherness and harmony. In this case, the Chief Guest- Madam Vasanthi Pai, dignitaries of MAHE, proud 10th Course BHM Alumni, Principal of the College- Chef K Thiru, General Manager of FIVV Hotel- Mr Sanjay Pant, the faculty and students performed the task of pouring the alcohol and mixing everything evenly. Furthermore, they were encouraged to try their hand at finding the hidden silver coins too.

The resulting mixture is now stored for making the delicious plum cake to be made in the days nearing to the Festival after which it will be distributed as a token of gratitude, love and festivity.