Career in Hospitality: Guest Talk by Mr Aman Kumar

Career in Hospitality: Guest talk by Mr Aman Kumar A guest talk on “Career in Hospitality” was organized for the students of 31st Course BHM. The talk was delivered by Mr. Aman Kumar Food & Beverage Manager, Seabourn Cruise Lines on 20 March 2017 at WGSHA, Manipal. The speaker gave a brief introduction of the cruise industry and then touched upon the growth, future potential and challenges pertaining to the industry. This was followed by a Question & Answer session where Mr Kumar answered queries on: >> Career opportunities in the cruise industry – job positions, salary and other benefits offered, career track, professional growth and job satisfaction. >> The difference between a career in hospitality on land and in hotels and on water and in cruise lines- challenges and opportunities. >> Problems facing the growth and expansion of cruise industry in India. >> Importance of hygiene for food handlers and ways and means to prevent outbreak of foodborne illness on ships.