‘Janna Al Arabia’: WGSHA’s first Arabian Theme Lunch

The ambience was set with Arabic music and colourful paintings and drapes were used to set the decor. The host was dressed up in Dishdasha and a Khandoora and the hostess with a Burkha to set the theme. The restaurant had a formal set up with well equipped service staff. Guests were welcomed with Qawah, an Arabic style coffee served with dates. The appetizers included classic Middle Eastern Sambousek, Falafel and Kibbeh which were served with salads Tabbouleh and Fattoush with an Arabic Dressing. This was followed with the serving of Tamar Hindi, a tamarind based beverage flavoured with rose. The Main Course Ful Madames, Baked Seerfish and Shish Tawooq was accompanied with traditional Hummus, aromatic Roz bil Shariya and Kuboos. The dessert served consisted of semolina based cake Bassbousa and Halawet el Jibn with a rose petal jam. It was truly a culinary safari to re-discover the cuisines and aromas hidden in countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Emirati influences.