Capacity Building in Water Resource Management in Developing Countries: Case of India

Project in charge: Nandineni Rama Devi & Shanta Pragyan Dash


Figure 1: Project meeting of Team MSAP with International Partner University Members

Figure 2 : Site Visit to Shirthady, Moodbidri

Thematic Area: Clean water and sanitation

Project Guide(s): Nandineni Rama Devi

International partners: (If any): Deakin University, Geelong, Australia.

MAHE Partner: Manipal School of Architecture and Planning.

Village/City: Udupi

Project Duration: 1 year

Aim: The research addresses the need of capacity building for water resource management with successful strategies by Institutions in Capacity building. The study was a part of Community outreach project for IDIDE where the awareness about the water resource management was conducted through stakeholders’ meetings and workshops.


Extra Photo: Stakeholders’ meeting (Photo Courtesy: MSAP)

Link to Research Publication (if any with DOI) –

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