Training on Rain water harvesting

A two hour training session on “Rainwater harvesting” on 27th May 2022 between 4.00pm to 6.00pm was held in Auditorium, KEF R & D centre, by the department of civil engineering, MIT, Manipal in coordination with Udayavani, Manipal. The training session included 62 participants from in and around Manipal and 26 students undergoing Masters. The inaugural function was presided by The Director, CDR.Dr. Anil Rana, Joint director, Dr.Somashekara Bhat, from MIT, Manipal and Sri.Aravind Navada, Editor, Udayavani, Manipal.

The first session was conducted by Dr. Narayan Shenoy K, Professor, Department of civil engineering, MIT, Manipal. Dr. Narayan Shenoy K, has highlighted the importance of preserving water, problems related to water availability and the reasons for water shortage. The concept of rainwater harvesting has been delivered to the participants by Mr. Joseph G. M. Rebello, expert in rainwater harvesting. The expert has presented the various possibilities to utilize the rainwater such as, recharging borewells, ground water recharge and storing rainwater in unused open wells. The training session has created awareness among the public about the importance of “Rainwater harvesting” and using rainwater harvesting to tackle water scarcity in the towns and cities.

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