Mahe Child Care facility

MAHE provides a well-developed Daycare Centre for staff and students


The MAHE daycare was established about 35 years ago in order to provide a safe, nurturing space for MAHE staff and faculty members to be able to work without having to worry about childcare. With trained staff and a cottage nestled in a quiet neighborhood, the day care is accessible and affordable. Great care has been taken to provide facilities such as classrooms, playgrounds, activity rooms, a small library as well a dormitory style resting space for the children. The day care is also equipped to provide care for children across several age groups. The MAHE Volunteer Service Organization (VSO) works closely with the daycare Centre and often conducts activities with the children on an occasional and daily basis. On a regular basis, classes are conducted by the VSO volunteers with the students. The younger children (ranging between 2-3 years) are taught basics such as colors, alphabets, numbers etc. The older children (ranging between 4-5 years of age) are taught extra-curricular skills such as origami, storytelling etc. The VSO also conducts workshops at the daycare from time to time. The facilities are affordably priced with monthly fess being less than 1000 rupees for non-teaching members of staff and less than 2000 for members of faculty. Students who have children are also allowed to make use of the daycare facilities should they need it so that their study is uninterrupted. The daycare remains operational from early in the morning, (around 7:30 am) through the working hours (until 5:30 pm) thus providing all-round care for children during the workday enabling the parents to focus on their work.

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