Vocational training events (lifelong learning)

The department of Design offers a certificate course in fashion Design for budding fashion designers to help them follow their dreams.


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The Manipal College of Dental Sciences offers a diploma in Dental Operating Room Assistant and Diploma in Dental Hygienist which creates job opportunities for local youth by training them at an affordable cost.



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Manipal Institute of Communication offers certificate course in Animation Technology which opens the doors to the candidates to pursue careers in animation sector and media.


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As there is an increasing demand of Nurses all over the world and to provide the best possible experience to be eligible to get the employment at the various countries, the Manipal College of Nursing in collaboration has opened the first of its kind GTEC Center for language training to Nurses and Nursing students in IELTS/OET free of cost.  More than 400 students have undergone training and benefited with this training programme.

Link -Report of Training of Nurses (TON)-1-August 09-10, 2021 (manipal.edu)


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Manipal College of Health Professions conducts a host of short-term technician certificate courses which empower the local community by creating a trained human resource to serve the needs of the hospitals in and around the country. 


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