Sport Facilities

The sports activities at Manipal Academy of Higher Education are supervised by the University Sports Council headed by the Pro Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor as the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, respectively.

Each college also has a staff sports advisor who are part of this council. Every year, one of the Directors of Physical Education is elected as the Chief Sports Coordinator who oversees the university sports activities. The University Sports Council organises inter-college sports events and makes selections for the university team for various inter-university tournaments. The council also organises staff sports events annually.

The sports infrastructure at Manipal Academy of Higher Education consists of

Medical Campus Sports Facility, Manipal

Medical Campus Sports Facility, Mangalore

MIT Campus Sports Facility, Manipal.

A student can avail any of the three facilities as all Manipal Academy of Higher Education institutes have free access to these facilities. 

All the Head of the Institutions and Sports Advisors, Directors of Physical Education, Assistant Directors of Physical Education and Coaches of all the Constituent Colleges of Manipal Academy of Higher Education are members of the Sports Council.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education Sports Council organises the following Sports and Games Activities every year:

Inter collegiate tournaments for Men and Women

Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Best Physique, Chess, Cricket, Cross Country Race, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Throw ball and Volley ball - The Best players from each of these events are sent to Inter University tournaments

South Zone and Inter Zone Inter university tournaments every year

National and International Conferences on Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Workshops on sports related issues like sports injuries, Basic life support etc.

Organises various National, State and District tournaments jointly with the respective associations

Manipal Academy of Higher Education staff competitions in various events

The sports council also organises coaching camps for school children during vacations. In addition to this, the individual institutions also organise sports events like Inter class competitions/tournaments, All India Inter Medical Tournament MIST, All India Inter Engineering tournament REVELS, Cricket Premier League for the Corporate Companies etc.

 Department of Physical Education at Institutional level

Manipal Academy of Higher Education Institutions have been arranged into groups, with each group having a Coordinator for Sports activities.

Marena, centrally-cooled sports complex at Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is one of the largest and best-equipped sports centres in the country, aimed at ensuring that the six long months of monsoon in the region do not disrupt the fitness regimen of students and staff.

Some of the facilities in both Manipal & Mangalore campuses provided include a jogging track with a rubberised surface; a gymnasium with cardiovascular equipment, weights, strength training and flexibility machines; four squash courts with a viewing gallery; a basketball court built to NBA specifications; five badminton courts; a playing area for futsal; a cricket bowling machine; a kinesis circuit system and five enclosures for simulation games; a sauna and steam bath. And they are all under one roof.

Apart from the standard cardiovascular equipment like treadmills and steppers, weights and strength training equipment, there are also flexibility machines and a Kinesis circuit, the latest tool to improve stability, strength and flexibility and to train specific muscles for specific games. All the machines have heart rate, time, distance, calories, speed and incline monitoring systems with a Techno Gym System key reader, which measures and records all the physical activity a user completes during the day and motivates the user to reach his or her daily goals.

At this level, one also finds a sportswear shop and a cafeteria with a magnificent view of the distant Western Ghats.

The complex is open for students and staff from 5:30 am till 9:30 pm daily as per time schedule.

Facilities available :

Entry level : Gymnasium.

First floor : Walking/ Jogging track.

Level Minus -1 : Sauna, steam bath, Change Rooms, lockers, Squash Gallery.

Level Minus -2 : Squash Courts(4) , Basketball Gallery.

Level Minus -3 : Badminton Court (5), Basketball Court, Table Tennis  (4).

Level Minus -4 : Swimming Pool.

Level Minus -5 : Cricket, Football, Simulated Games, Change Rooms.

Besides above there will be tennis courts at open to sky areas.

The sports infrastructure at Manipal Academy of Higher Education is broadly categorised as follows:

· Medical Campus and MIT Campus Sports Facility, Manipal (outdoor facility)

· Marena Sports Complex, Manipal (indoor facility of 1,50,000 Sqft – established in 2009)

· Medical Campus Sports Facility, Mangaluru (74222 Sqft, established in 2012)

Outdoor sports facilities include athletic grounds (299134 Sqft – 01 no and 15752 Sqft -01 no), hockey grounds (71070 Sqft -02 nos, 35637 Sqft -01 no), football grounds (97726 Sqft- 02 nos, 40350 Sqft- 01 no, 33984Sqft – 03 nos), cricket fields (65m- 02 nos and 45m- 02 nos), tennis courts (04), volleyball courts (04), throw ball courts (04), basketball courts (06), handball courts (03), badminton courts (03), and swimming pool (33.5m – 01 no, 25m – 01 no).

Indoor Sports facilities include basketball courts (02), badminton courts (07), cricket practice pitch (with bowling simulator) (02), squash courts (06), table tennis (08), boxing ring (01), and gymnasiums (06).

Facilities for Cultural Activities

MAHE campus offers a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in cultural activities. Every institute has its own set of student clubs dealing with diverse cultural activities. Apart from the regular Seminar Halls with a capacity of 200 in constituent units, MAHE has additional facilities. The Convention Centre (established in 2005) an auditorium with a capacity of 4000 in Mangaluru campus, MIT Quadrangle in Manipal with a capacity for 3000, and KMC Greens with a capacity for 6000 ensure that the activities cater to all the students of the campus. WGSHA’s Chaitya Hall, with a capacity of 400 is an indoor hall for social gatherings, meetings or dining. KMC’s TMA Pai Hall is

an auditorium with a capacity of 800. Open air amphitheatres at MIT, Manipal and at Madhav Vihar offer the theatre enthusiasts a space for experimentation. The Hebbar Gallery and Art Center is a space that nurtures and encourages creative expression and art pedagogy that welcomes cross-disciplinary engagement with artists and other cultural practitioners. The Gangubhai Hanagal indoor stadium at Manipal Centre for Humanities with its up-to-date acoustic enabled facilities is used as a site for cultural extravagance. Yakshagana Kalakendra, a school for training Yakshagana, a folk art form of the region, offers unique learning opportunities to aspiring artistes

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