“Dhwani”- Newborn hearing assessment center

Disadvantaged people:

  “Dhwani”- Newborn hearing assessment center

•       Government Lady Goschen Hospital & KMC Mlore 

•       Inaugurated on 7th January 2020. 

•       The center has a full-fledged hearing screening system and a portable diagnostic test equipment 

•       8583 babies have been tested so far. 

Kasturba Medical College , Mangaluru  inaugurated ‘Dhwani’ - the new born hearing assessment centre – at the Government Lady Goschen Hospital in 2020. Located at the neonatal ward on the third floor of the new building of the hospital, the centre has two sophisticated equipments placed in a soundproof room to test the hearing loss of newborns.

Lady Goschen Hospital records 750 births every month. Suja Sreedharan, Professor and Chief of ENT Department of KMC Hospital, said hearing loss is seen in four of every 1,000 newborns.

It was necessary to screen hearing loss soon after the birth and provide necessary treatment. All the children born at the Lady Goschen will be screened and provided necessary diagnosis for free. The new centre has been set up out of the contribution by Anuradha Gopal Pai. A  programme to sensitise ASHA workers about new born hearing assessment was held at the Sushrutha hall of the KMC Hospital, Attavar.




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