Mental and physical health together ensure an individual’s ability to cope up with day to day stresses of life in a way that improves his or her productivity which, in turn, contributes to community wellbeing. Enrolling at a University course/s is a new beginning full of expectations in a student’s life. With these expectations comes responsibilities and coping with them sometimes can prove to be a daunting task. We at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) emphasise on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing of all students. In order to ensure a smooth transition into student life right through to degree completion and beyond, MAHE has built services that are preventive and educational in nature and come from a developmental perspective to help students to cope with their ups and downs at every step which, in turn, helps maintain a conducive environment for mutual respect and individual growth and freedom. The primary objectives are to facilitate learning and improve academic achievement of students, student adjustment with self and society, improvement of inter-and-intra-personal relationships, emotional balance and resolution of personal conflicts, assistance with problems, and finally, make appropriate referrals if required. Problem areas include anxieties about academics, conflicts with friends or teachers, family or relationship / partner problems, career indecision or re-evaluating professional goals, substance abuse, low self-confidence, excessive feelings of stress, anxiety or depression, grief, loneliness, sleep disturbance, thoughts about death or suicide, sexuality issues, mobile/internet addiction. University has a dedicated student affairs section responsible for the implementation of various student-oriented schemes such as Teacher Guardian [mentorship] scheme, prevention of ragging, and grievance redressal, among others. Students can directly approach student affairs for any help they need. The Student Support Centre (SSC) has set up a Student Advisory Board comprising of student leaders from all institutes to work together to ensure a student-friendly approach. It refers students in need of help to the Centre. It also organises various awareness campaigns and outreach sessions and also extends University efforts towards support of students with disability. The SSC also arranges for appointments with psychiatrists who will offer consultations at the Centre when required with the consent of the student.

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