SCIO Foundation

Scio Foundation is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on making this world a better place, which is achieved by imparting education to the youth and helping the less fortunate sections of our society. It is an endeavour aimed towards the enlightenment of the youth for a lasting and positive change, for a better society, and consequently a better India. The Club mainly works on four projects namely: VIDYA: Under this portfolio, the Club is responsible for hosting career counselling sessions for students; VEDA: This project is about organising interactive sessions with people from unorthodox career paths and primarily focused on engaging students of classes IX and X; VAIDYA: Not everyone can afford basic medical amenities. Building on this, Scio sets up free medical camps in rural areas and slums; and finally, SUKHOON: This is a part of the recent efforts of the Club in bringing about awareness on menstruation and dispelling myths about it prevalent in our society. In addition to these projects, Scio also collaborates with other clubs like Chords & Co and Indian Society for Technical Education for visits to senior citizens’ homes, walkathons, and conducting various debates.

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