Overview of Outreach Programs at MAHE

MAHE is involved in a wide range of community outreach healthcare programs and related projects. Outreach programs by the University are often affiliated with medical, paramedical, public health and technical educational fields.  The outreach programs of MAHE are primarily also about helping, uplifting, and supporting deprived populations. MAHE provides the resources and project leaders to the organisers of various outreach programs.  The constituent institutes of MAHE that organise the community outreach programs are instrumental in learning, social planning, health support, and community welfare on and off campus, particularly the student community and the wider public as well. Health and quality of life rely on several factors. Introduction of various new elements including changes in social norms and attitudes major steps toward better individual and community health. Changes in community systems brought about through wide-ranging public health awareness campaigns across schools, villages, and slums are aimed at improving the overall health profile of the community. Policies and practices for improvement in community health involves changes that need to be introduced in the existing environments to facilitate elimination / reduction of causal factors behind major health-related problems. 

Related Goals

Our Good Practices

SPARC international collaboration
National collaboration: translational research consortium for chikungunya virus
Manipal College of Dental Sciences and MAHE Student Affairs
Urban Walkability & Public Health: A Global Initiative
International Women’s Day
MARENA: play it hard
South Zone Inter-University Badminton Tournament for Women
Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Services
SCIO Foundation