Smart Aquaculture Project

We are creating a scientific and technical solution with the aid of DST to assist fish farmers in increasing their fish production. This entails identifying key locations and creating a favourable ecology for fish development, which increases productivity and hence the income of fish farmers while also bridging the demand-supply gap and ensuring food security for the region.


Cages are installed in two places, one in Moodukudru and the other in Manipal's Swarna backwaters, based on their appropriateness. The cages have been seeded with fish, and the environment within the cage is being monitored by a smart system.             

Cage for aqualture deployed at the Moodukudru site with the Smart Water Quality measurement system.


Visit to the site by the then Minister of Fisheries Mr. Srinivas Poojary.

Release of fish seeds to the cage by the Minister.


About 5 fishermen are the direct beneficiaries who are rearing the fishes in our cages.

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