Technical Help to Local Farmers

The University (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) is represented by Centre for Consultancy Training and Corporate Interface (CCTCI), Department of Commerce. The Centre closely works with the community of farmers in Mattu village who grow Mattu Brinjal, a Community based Enterprise (CBE) with a GI tag. After undertaking a survey in the local area of Mattu village, it is observed that the local farmers lack knowledge in advanced technical know-how to increase production capabilities, create market extensions and develop market linkages to overcome the problem of distress sale. CCTCI shares the findings of the research conducted to the local farmers and also liaises closely with government organizations engaged in agriculture development, Non-governmental organizations and agriculture cooperative societies to promote Mattu Brinjal in particular and agriculture in general. MAHE plays the role of a Producer Organization Promoting Institutions (POPIs) and provides support in creating market linkages, facilitate market extension and create producer cooperative societies with the objective of increasing sales. Majority of the farmers of Mattu village are small and marginal farmers who are posed with the challenge of resorting to distress sale. The overall mission is promoted by Agriculture Development Agencies such as National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development aimed at promoting local agriculture and help farmers come of hunger and poverty. 

Concurrence with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - This project is consistent with the achievement of goals prescribed under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth; Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities: Goal 17 – Building partnership for the Goals.

Research Publications – Scopus Q3.

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Baliga, V., Shetty G, S., & Shenoy, S. (2020). Marketing Orientation Led by Consumer Motivations Towards Agri-based Products: An Evidence from Udupi District in India. Indian Journal of Marketing, 1-3.

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