Study of Local Egg Plant (Mattu Gulla)

A team of 14 students from Manipal International University came to study various techniques adopted in producing and marketing accredited to Mattu Gulla (Green Aubergine). Professor Dr. Harish Joshi provided all the details to the visiting team about the farming and marketing techniques. He also enlightened the team about various problems faced by the farmers in this region. They visited nearby fields to study the problems and other details in a live manner and enlightened the problems faced by the farmers. Manipal Institute of management Dr. Suhan Mendon, Professor Laila of Malaysia, The Chief Secretary Lakshman Mattu, and The President of the Mattu Gulla Producer association Mr. Dayananda Bangera accompanied the study team. 

A group of interested students visited the fields nearby to Katapady to study the marketing specialization of Mattu Gulla. The study team comprised of MAHE’s centre for consultancy training corporate interface department of Commerce were included. During the visit, the students entered the fields along with their guides consulted the farmers about the GI accreditation, export markets, rural markets, branding, grading, marketing strategies, seed production, sowing technologies, preparation of saplings, grafting, pricing, setting the prices for the markets, promotion, labelling, cultural heritage, all of these were included as a part of the study package. The team included the students from the Netherlands, BBA in marketing, B. Com, B.Sc final year students were among the study team. The team was led by Dr. Vikram Baliga, Ph.D. in Mattu Gulla Studies, Praveen Kumar, Producers association head Joseph Monteiro accompanied the team.

Nabard Chief, General manager visits Mattu and Mattu Gulla producers Association visit to collect about the Globally accredited Mattu Gulla

Kapu: A team of Nabard Chief, General Manager Suryakumar from Bangalore visited a village called Kote near Katpadi to study and obtain information regarding the glorified Mattu Gulla, which gained prominence with the blessing of the great saint Vadi Ramaswamy. Nabrads deputy district manager, Mr. M. Ramesh who spoke on the occasion outlined the markets of Mattu Gulla in the undivided Dakshina Kannada districts and spoke about the export market that is available in the Qatar regions. He also outlined the various aspects in producing, pricing, and in search of the potential markets, these details were provided to the Nebard Chief. The interesting facts about the intricate taste values and the quality of the soil which enhances the production results were provided to the Chief General Manager. Before this meeting the Mattu Gulla producer and producers development fund which had to be provided to this association was discussed during the meeting, it was also proposed the Mattu Gulla be directly procured from the farmers and learned about the direct procurement ways and stop the middlemen. They also discussed how to increase the income of the farmers and the information was passed on to the Chief, GM. There were discussions about how to stop the fake Mattu Gulla circulated in the markets and how to confiscate the fake produce.

During this discussion, the farming of Mattu Gulla its global recognition, export markets, rural markets, branding, grading, market analysis, sowing, seed-producing, rafting, market pricing, labelling, and the culture of Mattu Gulla along with the Chief GM, the Mattu Gulla producers association president, Mr. Dayananda Banergar, researcher Laxman Mattu, Secretary Nagraj Mattu, and important people lie Jayendra Poojari, Naryanan Bangera, Santosh Kumar, Sadnanad Poojari, Pradeep Poojari, were present during the meeting. It was also discussed how to improve the Nebards loan facilities and other aspects of loan development.

The surge of Mattu Gulla In the Markets- Rs.170

Even second grade Mattu Gulla stickered this time, around Navaratri festival, the sales of Mattu Gulla has come down to Rs.150 and above, the prices will deflate by around next week stated by Saroja Kotian Mattu, Marketer. GI accredited have entered the market of Katpady, Udupi, Mangalore. The demand is too high and it is sold at Rs.150- Rs.170. Last year it was 21,000 tonnes with the glory of The Great Saint Vadairaja Swamy and with the blessing of him. Around 89 farmers produced the Vegetable.

This time the product will reach the markets by October 10th, around 700kgs are already sold. Due to the non-availability o the produce, the prices have surged to more than Rs. 150 per kg.

GI Accreditated produces- Th farmers in this region who produce Karthy paddy during this time of the year (June-July), do crop rotation and cultivate Mattu Gulla they curtail the sowing of paddy this time. In a span d 3 months, the plant reaches the flowering stage, and the vegetable fruit Mattu Gulla is produced and tagged with GI and sold in metropolitan cities.

120.5 acres produce

The Mattu Gulla is produced in over 120.t5 acres of land spreading across Mattu village to Kaipunjalu, this product will reach the Mattu producers association from then on grading sticker would be tagged and released into the markets. 

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