Society, Environment, Values, and Attitudes (SEVA Carnival)

Society, Environment, Values, and Attitudes (SEVA1) is a 2-credit course that is entirely live project based.TAPMI celebrates local entrepreneurs, arts, crafts, and culture with business solutions and inputs through the flagship SEVA program. The course is modeled on several similar courses across top b-Schools across India and other parts of the world as well as modelled around SEVA 2018. In India, the course is offered as a standalone elective or as part of a larger stream of courses connected to sustainability, responsibility &/or managerial ethics.


The main objectives are to develop social actors and help them to develop the skills they need to be empathetic, ethical actors who will positively impact their own lives, their communities, their companies, and in their limited capacities, their countries, and the world, now and throughout their lives. These projects aim to eliminate the blockades found by some individuals, social groups, and social ventures to participate in social innovation, activities. To develop concrete managerial solutions to different business pains of SMMEs, and social entrepreneurs that can support inclusive growth, job creation, and company profitability.


The entire TAPMI Master of Business Administration batch of almost 500 students works with organizations such as Nammaangadi, Kadike Trust, Anti-Pollution Drive Mangalore, Navodaya, CraftsMantra, Namma Shyli, Mattu Gulla Association, and other local entrepreneurs to help solve their management hurdles. SEVA spans from August to April every year and culminates in the annual celebration called SEVA Jatre. The “Seva Jatre” is fair to celebrate the efforts of the students. It is an opportunity to showcase the work done by the students using non-traditional means of communication, as opposed to a PowerPoint presentation. SEVA Projects will formally be presented in January, in the presence of stakeholders, the media, and other prominent persons. This will be a two-day event with student presentations and stakeholder interaction/ meeting - SEVA Jatre (to TAPMI, group activity) – This is a creative activity with a cultural dimension wherein students can showcase their academic learning from SEVA for the benefit of the whole TAPMI community. Students must demonstrate their analytical insights and understandings developed during the SEVA over a period of two days. Students will also get the opportunity to discuss their projects and seek inputs and advice from various field experts who will be invited to SEVA Jatre. These presentations are thoroughly reviewed by the jury consisting of expert faculty from various domains and backgrounds, followed by the award ceremony on JATRE day. The top three projects will be declared based on the judgment of the panel on SEVA JATRE. Commendation certificates & possible prizes will be conferred during the ceremony. Additionally, the Director will also choose 3 additional projects for a personal recommendation for stellar performance. These projects will constitute our showcase projects to UNPRME, UNGC, for other case competitions/challenges, brochures, videos, websites etc.


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