At Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), we believe in catering to the needs of growing teenagers while being committed to our goals of a sustainable future. Hence, we believe it is critical to provide students with tasty food without compromising on the balanced nutritional requirements . The MAHE messes serve four meals a day viz. breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner. All the meals are carefully planned and offer a wide variety of healthy choices to students. The planning is meticulous to ensure that there is minimum wastage. MAHE messes ensure student participation and feedback in the menu planning process as well. Their innovative suggestions are much appreciated. Fruits like watermelons, melons, bananas, grapes adorn the breakfast buffet. These fruits are either served as whole or may also be served as fresh fruit juice and milkshakes. These fruits and juices provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fibre for optimum functioning during the day. Vegetable parathas with curd and chutney, masala vermicelli, poha, masala omelet with bread, and cornflakes are common breakfast staples. Generally, the mess also substitutes white bread with brown or even whole grain bread. The lunch menus are based on various cuisines from around the globe. They are made with freshly procured and locally grown vegetables. Each meal is accompanied by a salad consisting of green vegetables, salad greens, curd, etc. These menus include hearty and nourishing soups, bread served with accompaniments, rice, refreshing drinks, and even desserts. Ayurvedic drinks like Nanari Sherbet, kokum sherbet, and pomegranate, and hibiscus juice are some of the drinks that were originally suggested by students and have been incorporated into the menu. At high tea, the students are served tea, coffee, Bournvita, and snacks. Vegetable Rava idli, coleslaw sandwiches, ambade are some of the snacks that students have been known to enjoy.At dinner, students are served light home-style curries, dals, and chapatis. The food is always served hot from a bain-marie so that it remains appetising. As the saying goes, good food equals a good mood. The nutritious and healthy mess food serves as a way for students to enjoy their time in college and campus.

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