Environmental Studies

A course on “Environmental Studies” is taught to all the students of first year B.Tech at MIT Manipal. It consists of the topics such as environmental ethics, sustainable development, Renewable and non-renewable resources, Resource  consumption & conservation methods, different types of energy,  Conventional sources & Non-Conventional sources of energy, Types &  Structure of Ecosystem, Environmental Pollution and control , Disaster  Management meaning, natural disasters especially earthquakes & Man-made disasters, Environmental crisis & legislations , Environmental acts,  Laws and Policies, EIA, Case studies of the past related to environmental  issues, crisis, disasters, hazard, pollution, climate change & its effects, Practical activity related to environmental problems and its impacts on environment.

First Year Course Structure.pdf (manipal.edu)

MAHE - Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Admissions open for 2022 (Formerly Manipal University)

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