MAHE maintains a transparent policy towards hazardous waste management

MAHE maintains a transparent policy towards hazardous waste management to ensure responsible consumption. It is significant here, as MAHE has a general hospital, a medical college, an engineering college, and several other institutes as its constituents. Regular academic and research works and the hospital produce a significant amount of hazardous materials every day, which must be processed and disposed of through a safe, environment-friendly method. The materials include waste generated from various equipment, electronic waste, mercury/ dental amalgam, other medical/chemical laboratory waste, etc.

A professional agency with expertise in hazardous waste management manages the process. They ensure that all staff adopt the procedures and maintain relevant records for monitoring and demonstrating compliance. The concerned administrative-in-charge is responsible for applying the following controls at all the locations handling hazardous wastes. The Director, General Services monitor the entire process. It strictly follows the existing protocols like the Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016, and The Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001, etc.

Managing hazardous waste includes proper handling and providing secondary containment to avoid spillage or leakage to the ground by using appropriate handling devices by following certain norms, like not storing the heavy barrels or large liquid containers at height, proper identification and labeling of the containers for their hazards or toxicity, ensuring adequate coverage to prevent rainwater contamination or runoff taking place, etc. The concerned department maintains a logbook for consumption, storage, disposal of all hazardous wastes captured and ensures that the process is duly maintained as per the requirements of the relevant acts and norms. A facility inspection is carried out to confirm adherence to Pollution Control Board requirements.

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