Our responsible consumption and production of energy

MAHE’s policy towards ensuring the maintenance of sustainable consumption and production patterns is considered a significant one in its attempt to achieve the SDG goals. The Department of General Services works with a clear roadmap for environment management. Environment and energy management systems are well established at the two campuses of MAHE, located at Manipal and Mangalore, Karnataka. The Environment Energy Policy is the guiding document that enables MAHE to achieve continual improvement over time. Consistent efforts are made in implementing best practices in water and waste management, air quality, green cover, energy, and resource management.

Waste management on campus starts with source segregation, especially at residential units, canteens, and health care facilities. This year, approximately 70 percent of waste generated in the Manipal campus was diverted from landfills, thus preventing soil, air, and groundwater pollution. The thermocol (polystyrene) melting unit installed on campus ensured zero disposal of all types of thermocol into the environment and produced approximately 700 kg of reusable by-product. The sewage treatment plant of MAHE works with a capacity of 6.5 and 0.3 million litres per day at Manipal at Mangalore, respectively. Treated water up to the tertiary level is reused in gardens. Greywater plants provide flush water to hostels. Water resource conservation works through improvement by line loss monitoring and harvesting of rainwater to help groundwater recharge.

MAHE also uses electronic exam pads to replace conventional answer scripts. Green energy consumption in campuses accounts for 63 percent of total consumption. Along with solar power and e-vehicles, it prevents around 24449 MT of CDE emissions. This year the UI Green Metric Ranking Agency ranked MAHE as the greenest suburban campus in India, 169th in the overall category, and 58th in the suburban category.

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The pleasant and green ambiance of the MAHE campus
MAHE maintains a transparent policy towards hazardous waste management