Manipal Advanced Research Group

The Manipal Advanced Research Group (MARG) was formed in early 2006 as an incubation centre specialising in initiating and promoting fundamental research in the physical sciences and related interdisciplinary areas.


MARG comprises:

Chair: Pro Chancellor Dr H S Ballal

Vice Chair: Prof. M D Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal & Director, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Convener: Dr Nanda Kishor


Executive Director: Vice Chancellor

Advisor :  Prof. Y K Gambhir

Advisor:  Prof. Gottfried Münzenberg


With its unique profile, the intention was to plant the seed and build a strong foundation for R&D in the basic sciences through innovative schemes and research programmes. Given the wide variety of expertise available at Manipal Academy of Higher Education this initiative also sought to establish synergies between fundamental research in the natural (physical) sciences and engineering.


In 2011-2012, the Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences was created under MARG and is now a Centre of Excellence under Manipal Academy of Higher Education.


In 2013, MARG launched the Science, Technology and Security Forum (STSf) devoted to the impact of science & technology on national security and geopolitics.  


About STSf


The Manipal Advanced Research Group (MARG) at Manipal Academy of Higher Education has launched the Science, Technology and Security Forum (STSf) website, which is intended to provide a platform to the larger strategic, academic, diplomatic and scientific community to participate in debates on matters impacting international security with a particular focus on Asia and in particular, India. The need for such a forum has its origin in the necessity to integrate scientists and technologists with the matrix of decision-making in matters of policy.

It is intended that STSf will present authoritative and expert analyses, opinions and assessments that could give direction and thrust to future policy. This may include recommendations for fast-tracking targeted growth in relevant emerging technologies. Developments in the rest of the world, particularly Asia, will be assessed and examined for their impact on India’s national security and foreign policy. As Asia, and in particular India, is poised to play the keystone role on the world stage, the time has come to revisit and pro-actively assess its stated position on all matters impacting security from an objective India-centric viewpoint, keeping in mind the larger Asian and therefore necessarily global security scenario.

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