Overview of the Programme:

BTech program in Electronics and Communication Engineering aims to provide strong foundation in the area of Electronics and Communication viz. Electronic Circuits, Signal Processing, VLSI, Embedded Systems, and Communication. The program's emphasis is on hands-on learning through well-designed laboratory experiments and projects throughout the course.


Program Objectives:

·        To provide strong fundamentals in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

·        To impart skills for a career in design of systems, tools and applications in Electronics and, Communication domain.

·        To encourage students to pursue higher education and research in Electronics and Communication domain.


Program structure: The 8-semester program consists of theory and practical courses. The theory courses comprise of core courses on Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signal and Image Processing, Analog and Digital VLSI, Communication systems, Microprocessors, Integrated Circuits and Microwave Engineering. Besides, BTech in ECE also offers a wide range of elective subjects on Image Processing, Speech Processing, Computer Vision, Future Generation Communication System (5G and Beyond), Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. The student also has an option to enroll in one of the minor specializations offered by the institute. A few examples of the minor specializations are Computational Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, VLSI Design, and Communication Systems.

Duration of Program: 4 years



The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, MIT offers the following programs:


B.Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering