Overview of the Programme:

B. Tech program in Computer Science & Engineering offers core courses in Data Structures and Applications, Database Systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Compiler Design, Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming. There are minor specializations in emerging areas of computer science. The program offers a wide range of program electives and open electives. Computer Vision, Quantum Computing, Game Programming, Soft Computing Paradigms, Cloud Computing are some of the elective courses. The Computer Science and Engineering department is in the process of setting up Data Structures Lab, Object Oriented Programming Lab, Database Systems lab, Computer Networks lab, Parallel Programming Lab, just to name a few. Besides, the department is continuously interacting with Industry Experts to organize expert webinars, workshops, and hackathons so as to benefit all the students.

Program Objectives:

B Tech Computer Science and Engineering graduate should be able to: 

• Carry out engineering projects and develop new products in the area of computer science and engineering and pursue higher studies. 

• Innovate and be creative in the profession; apply analytical skills and demonstrate research capabilities in the field of computer science and engineering. 

• Work in multidisciplinary environments and be responsive to the changing needs of the society.

• Communicate effectively, display leadership skills, and demonstrate professionalism. 

• Engage in lifelong learning, apply the knowledge judiciously and remain continuously employable.


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MIT Bangalore  offers the following programs:

B.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering [Artificial Intelligence]