There are many technical clubs a student can join during his tenure at MIT.

Some of these are:

Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)

Department: Chemical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr Krishna Bandaru
Student Chairman: Rahul Bharadwaj
Domain: Chemical Engineering
Objectives of the Club: The main objectives of IIChE are to:
o Promote excellence in chemical engineering education and overall practice.
o Advance the development and exchange of relevant knowledge.
o To be a forum for interaction among students, past and present, of the Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT.
Membership Mode: Registered members.


Year of Formation: 2007
Department: Associate Director Student Welfare
Faculty Advisor: Dr AM Chincholkar
Student Chairman: Rishikesh Sahu.

The Institution of Engineers, Mech. & Mfg. – Students Chapter

Department: Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. K. Jagannath
Student Chairman: Pratik Ajmera
Domain: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Objective of the Club: To create awareness of various technical happenings around the world among the students
Membership Mode: Registered members.

BMESI, Manipal Chapter

Department: Department of Biomedical Engineering
Year of Formation: 1994
Faculty Advisor: G Muralidhar Bairy (Bio-Medical)
Contact: 91-0820-2570531
Student Chairman: Ms Daphne Debby Menezes
Domain: Bio-Medical Engineering
Objective of the Club: Academic and extra-curricular activities; to encourage students to actively participate in related events.
Membership Mode: Registered members.

IE CSE – Institute of Engineering (Computer Science)

Year of Formation: September 2008
Department: Computer Science
Faculty Advisor: Giridhar N S
Student Chairman: Sambhawa Priya
Domain: Computer Science and Engineering
Objectives of the Club: The main objectives are:
o To be a source of motivation
o To promote academic excellence by offering academic support
o To make members aware of technological advancements in computer science and engineering
Membership Mode: Registered members.

ISTE - Indian Society for Technical Education

Department: Mechanical
Faculty Advisor: MV Kini
Student Chairman: Rahul Gupta.

Akshay Urja Club

Year of Formation: 2007
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr Sudhir CV
Student Chairman: Rathindra Anurag
Domain: Renewable Energy Sources
Objectives of the Club: An initiative of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources, Government of India, it promotes awareness about new and renewable sources of energy among engineering students.
Membership Mode: Registered members.

SAE India Collegiate Club – (Society of Automotive Engineers)

Year of Formation: August 16, 2008
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr Sudhir CV
Domain: Application of engineering knowledge to promote professional growth
Objectives of the Club: To increase the benefits of SAE-INDIA student membership through special activities that includes affiliation with the sections
Membership Mode: The category of membership is annual (August to July).

CITI Club-(I &CT)

Department: I &CT
Faculty Advisor: Mr Santhosha Rao
Student Chairman: Naval Mahajan
Membership Mode: Registered Members
Objectives of the Club: Organises E2 Lab ethical hacking workshop, Adobe flex workshop, Microsoft embedded systems workshop, Robotics workshop, gaming event, Citi Club Journal meetings.

Institute of Engineers (E & E) Student Chapter

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sudheer Kumar T. S.
Asst. Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Shruthi Ramachandra
Student Representatives: Shreyash Sinha, JSVM Gautam, Ayushi Varshika, Abhishek Anand
Objectives of the Club: Promote technical awareness among engineering students producing better quality engineers facilitating overall growth of engineers
Download Newsletters : EPISTEME Vol. 1

IEEE Student Branch, Manipal

Year of Formation: December -1984
Department: E & C Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr Kumar Shayam
Student Chairman: Avinash M Rao
Domain: E & C Engineering
Objectives of the Club: Share new developments in the field, and generating positive feedback
Membership Mode: Registered members.

IE (E&C) Institute of Engineering

Year of Formation: 2004
Department: Electronic & Communication
Faculty Advisor: Pallavi R Mane
Student Chairman: Himanshu Shah
Domain: Technology
Objective of the Club: To promote technical and managerial skills among members and provide a platform for innovation and excellence
Membership Mode: Registered members.

IE Bio-Tech, Institute of Engineering.

Year of Formation: August 2007
Department: Department of Biotechnology
Faculty Advisor: V Rajashekhar
Student Chairman: Roopali Dhingra
Objective of the Club: To serve as a platform for biotechnology students to implement progressive ideas, both technical and non-technical activities
Membership Mode: Registered members.

IE Civil- Institute Of Engineering (Civil)

Department: Civil Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Keshavjee Sharma
Contact: 91-0820-2929231
Student Chairman: Durgesh Kumar
Objective of the Club: To advance the science and practice in the field of civil engineering; participation in seminars, workshops, conference and other events held at international, national regional and local levels
Membership Mode: Registered members.

Mega Club-Media Engineers & Graphic Technologista Association

Department: Printing & Media Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Nagaraj Kamath
Student Chairman: Manoj Palan B
Objective of the Club:
o To provide platform to the students to showcase their talent in the field of print and media and opportunities to gain knowledge and expertise in the field.
o To create technical and non-technical dimensions of the students.
Membership Mode: Registered members

Systems Society of India-Manipal Student Chapter

Department: I & C
Faculty Advisor: I Thirunavukkarasu
Student Chairman: Amlan Chakraverthy
Objective of the Club: To enhance the knowledge of students in Systems Dynamics
Membership Mode: Registered members.

There are many technical clubs which the students can join and enhance their technical skills.