Welcome to the Marena, centrally-cooled sports complex at Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is one of the largest and best-equipped sports centres in the country, aimed at ensuring that the six long months of monsoon in the region do not disrupt the fitness regimen of students and staff.

Some of the facilities provided include a jogging track with a rubberised surface; a gymnasium with cardiovascular equipment, weights, strength training and flexibility machines; four squash courts with a viewing gallery; a basketball court built to NBA specifications; five badminton courts; a playing area for futsal; a cricket bowling machine; a kinesis circuit system and five enclosures for simulation games; a sauna and steam bath. And they are all under one roof.

Apart from the standard cardiovascular equipment like treadmills and steppers, weights and strength training equipment, there are also flexibility machines and a Kinesis circuit, the latest tool to improve stability, strength and flexibility and to train specific muscles for specific games. All the machines have heart rate, time, distance, calories, speed and incline monitoring systems with a Techno Gym System key reader, which measures and records all the physical activity a user completes during the day and motivates the user to reach his or her daily goals.

At this level, one also finds a sportswear shop and a cafeteria with a magnificent view of the distant Western Ghats.

The complex is open for students and staff from 5:30 am till 9:30 pm daily as per time schedule.

Facilities available :

  • Entry level : Gymnasium.
  • First floor : Walking/ Jogging track.
  • Level Minus -1 : Sauna, steam bath, Change Rooms, lockers, Squash Gallery.
  • Level Minus -2 : Squash Courts(4) , Basketball Gallery.
  • Level Minus -3 : Badminton Court (5), Basketball Court, Table Tennis  (4).
  • Level Minus -4 : Swimming Pool.
  • Level Minus -5 : Cricket, Football, Simulated Games, Change Rooms.
  • Besides above there will be tennis courts at open to sky areas.