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Where Memories Are Made

ByManipal Academy of Higher EducationDecember 18, 2018


A few days into my first week in Manipal was when my best memory of the place was made. I had made a few acquaintances in the hostel and was still warming up to the place. After a full day of new classes, new friends, new teachers and other new experiences, I hit the bed, only to be awakened by some ruckus downstairs. I went to check on it and found a whole bunch of boys from across the hostel block singing, dancing and basically having an impromptu party. I found out much later that this generally happens at the beginning of every year. That night, I danced, partied and met some of the best people in Manipal.

Thus began a whole trail of memories that have become some of the best ones of my life. Everything about Manipal is a new memory waiting to be made. For me, it’s the MIT campus that houses the best memories. The intriguing lectures; the hearty meals from the food courts; the timely conventions of friend groups at KC are all memories that will always echo through the campus.

Every year you do things that unknowingly find a little corner in your house of memories. College events such as the TechTatva and Revels and all the frantic moments, the crazy almost-mishaps, the success celebrations all hold a full room there. The house gets bigger and bigger with each passing year; rooms full of happiness, rooms shut tight with regrets, rooms glowing bright with your every achievement, Manipal turns your tiny home into a museum of memories that you will fondly visit.

While I was busy making memories, Manipal was busy turning me into an adult with responsibilities. It is true what they say – you grow a lot as a person when you move away from home. I learned to survive a lot with a little, and as anyone who’s been in Manipal would testify, your best memory will always be watching yourself get fatter while your wallet gets lighter.

The norm is, when people leave a certain place, they take a big bag of memories with them. But Manipal doesn’t just send you away with memories; it keeps some for itself. Your time in Manipal will forever be embedded into its lush greenery, quaint eateries, bustling classrooms, lit-up party spots and all its nooks and crannies. And this is why, for me, Manipal is a generation of amazing memories rather than just an academy of higher education.

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