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At Manipal It’s Me in the Making

ByBisruta ChowdhuryFebruary 27, 2019


‘College phase’ is the one we all have been waiting for since school days. It’s supposed to be load full of stories that we can reminisce throughout, and MAHE has indeed given me a ton of those.
Coming from a small town and being an introvert, I didn’t quite expect myself to fit in the crowd here, but it turns out I was totally judgemental and wrong.

Soon after coming in I was given a chance to go up and perform on stage, in an event called ‘Genesis’, organized by my college for the newcomers. I was extremely delighted with it as ‘Genesis’ not only gave me a head start it also helped me to brush up my singing as well.
Soon after ‘Genesis’ came ‘Sanskriti’, the inter-batch cultural fest of my college. ‘Sanskriti ‘ is not only comprised of singing and dancing but it also has lots of other things that one can take part in. Through ‘Sanskriti ‘ I learnt that I can debate as well, something totally out of the blues for me.

Keeping aside the cultural self, we got ‘Athlos’, the sports fest of our college gave me an opportunity to do something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time, I learnt football here. Football or rather sports was never my cup of tea but after coming to Manipal, I understood Academics is not everything. A cherry on top are the marathons that are arranged by ‘Manipal Runners Club ‘, throughout the year.It is indeed an experience, where a lot of people run together and it’s something not to be missed.

But the best gift that Manipal has given me is definitely the ‘Manipal Blog ‘. I always wanted to become a writer. But as it turns out I will be writing medicinal compositions rather than stories. But Manipal Blog gave me a window to put up my words. I never expected my writings to go online where people not only read it but appreciate as well. It’s something I’ll always be thankful to Manipal for.

Manipal is not only a place for getting high GPAs and securing a successful career, here we can learn things.

Getting involved as a student at MAHE has a long list of perks: you can exercise, try new activities, perform, discover hidden talents, explore career options, publish, learn how to lead others and, of course, have fun! The bonus is that you’ll develop friendships—some exactly like you and some totally different.

With a jam-packed campus events calendar, an array of intramural sports, and more than 25 clubs and organizations encompassing every interest, your biggest challenge will be finding time to check out everything that appeals to you.

Bisruta Chowdhury

Bisruta Chowdhury

Student, MAHE Manipal 

Course: BPharm

Batch: 2017-2021

Institute: Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE Manipal