Training Program for Ethiopian Residents by Center for Forensic Odontology, MCODS Mangalore

The Center for Forensic Odontology, MCODS Mangalore conducted a five-day training program for Ethiopian residents from April 29th to May 4th 2019 as a part of the advanced training in Forensic Medicine conducted by the Department of Forensic Medicine, KMC Mangalore Three residents from the St. Paul Millennium Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia visited the Center for Forensic Odontology. The Instructors from the Center for Forensic Odontology spoke on Traits of teeth, Bite marks, Cheiloscopy & Rugoscopy, Role of the odontologist in detecting child abuse, Gender differentiation using mandibular traits, Age estimation techniques using Chronology, Histology & Radiological techniques and skeletal age assessment techniques. The training program was well appreciated as evident from the encouraging feedback from the residents.