Eye for implantology - Beginners Workshop

The continuing professional development program titled " Eye for implantology - beginners workshop" was conducted on 13.08.2015 at Medical Education Hall, KMC, Mangalore.

August 17, 2015

Target audience were house surgeons, post graduate students and private practitioners who were new to implantology. The program received good response with more than 40 participants. The program had series of lectures from eminent speakers and series of hands on workshop at the phantom head lab, Manipal college of dental sciences, Mangalore. The speakers for were Dr Nakul Uppal, Associate professor, Dept Oral Surgery , MCODS, Mangalore spoke about Applied Anatomy and surgical considerations for implant treatment, Dr Mathai Joseph, Adjunct Professor, Dept. Prosthodontics, MCODS, Mangalore briefed about Sterilization protocol required for implant therapy, Dr. Shobha Rodrigues, Prof & Head, dept. prosthodontics, MCODS, Mangalore delivered her talk on armamentarium & surgical protocol of implant placement. Dr Umesh Pai explained about various impression techniques involved with implantology. There after workshop was successfully carried out by participants by placing implants on Styrofoam jaw models. Participants made various types of implant impressions with Pentamix system. Suture techniques were learnt through Johnson & Johnson Models.