Core Research Area

  • Stem cells and technology  

Develop cell therapy and cell free therapy (secretome & extracellular vesicles) for various tissue repair and regeneration. Develop nanovesicle technology driven target delivery of therapeutic molecules for various tissue repair and regeneration.

Faculties:  Dr Raviraja N S

                   Dr Manjunatha S M

                   Dr Raghavendra Upadhya

  • Reproductive Biology

Reversible, non-hormonal male contraceptive development and endeavour for a better understanding of the biochemistry of the gamete functions in mammalian systems, with special emphasis on the interrelation between (glycogen synthase kinase 3) GSK3 and FTO (RNA-specific demethylases) in the regulation of mammalian spermatogenesis and fertility.

Development of gene editing-based approaches to target GSK3, isoform-selectively, to mitigate cancer phenotypes in human acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cell lines and clinical samples.

                   Faculty: Dr Souvik Dey

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  • Biomaterials & 3D bioprinting

We are synthesizing biocompatible hybrid biomaterials that will be suitable for various tissue regeneration and develop scaffolds via 3D bioprinting for drug screening and tissue regeneration.

Faculty: Dr S V Kirthanashri

  • Bioinformatics and Rare disease screening partners 

1.      Suma Genomics Pvt. Ltd.  -

2.      Mbiomics LLC -