The very awe that transpires in people when I say that I am a student of Kasturba Medical College is a testimonial to how sought-after the college is. Spending 5.5 years here did accord me a Doctor title, but what makes Manipal special is that it transforms you as a person with the multitude of opportunities it provides - academic, cultural, and social.

Year after year, the ranking systems put my college as a top-notch in the country, and rightfully so - the preclinical laboratories are fully furnished, the clinical departments are state of the art, learning opportunities in the hospital (with hundreds of departments and all possible machines) are a million fold, research is always a go here, chances to learn abroad as exchange students is a plus, the library is so huge that it is easy to get lost (both literally and in the books) and the Professors - well, they are magicians in their art.

Simply put, "You name it, and we have got it, even better - we have got the best possible versions of it".

In short, Manipal is that Sculptor, who with his tools will carve the best possible designs off you and make you into a sculpture useful for the society."

Himanshu YN





KMC Manipal has always been a dream destination for me. It has always been a top-ranking medical college in India since its inception. It is one of those rare institutions where rigorous academic training meets a more holistic developmental approach. It is student-centered and pro- creativity and originality. The faculty here are passionate educators, experienced clinicians, and generous individuals, ever-ready to help students in all concerns ranging from academics to personal development.

The pre-and para-clinical departments here are particularly commendable for their esteemed faculty and world-class infrastructure. The teaching here is par excellence and practically oriented. From the intellectually stimulating Anatomy Dissection Hall to the aesthetically pleasing Museum of Anatomy and Pathology (MAP- the largest museum of its kind in Asia), from high-tech Pathology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry laboratories, to hubs of experimental and hands-on learning such as the Physiology, Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine labs- KMC Manipal has it all! In these centers, students can actively participate in qualitative research projects beyond their regular academics. The Health Sciences Library, which is a world-class repository of knowledge, and the full-fledged Simulation Lab where clinical skills are honed, make KMC all the more unique. The Kasturba Hospital is an excellent place to train young doctors.

In these four years that I’ve spent at KMC Manipal, I have not just grown academically, but also intellectually, emotionally, culturally, and socially. Participating in student-run clubs, conferences, organizations, and cultural fests have evoked a sense of confidence and responsibility in me. Thinking out of the box and innovation are the norms here. If creativity and research are what you’re looking for, then this is the place for you! Moreover, KMC has always taken good care of its students, particularly during these pandemic times. KMC Manipal is more than just an institution. It is an idea that has transformed an empty hillside into a world-renowned university.

Vivek Nayak M, 4thYear, MBBS





One of the most unique experiences I have had at KMC being a medical college was, to be able to pursue my favorite sport - squash. The impressive sports complex called ‘Marena’ housing numerous other sporting facilities as well, combined with the encouragement received from the university administration, motivated me to excel in squash. During my MBBS course, I could even participate in various college and inter-university level competitions and won medals for the university. I believe that this diverse experience has been vital for my health and all-around development which will enable me to become a holistic health care professional.

Shuchi Abhishek

Final year student at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal





“KMC has state-of-the-art infrastructure and teaching fraternity, nested in a serene university town- Manipal. It offers a beautiful blend of academic and extracurricular activities to nurture talents of its budding professionals; the prolific student clubs and fests are proof of that."

Aditi Rao





KMC has offered me countless opportunities to indulge in and showcase my talent through a plethora of social events and cultural competitions. It enables you to nurture your creativity along with other like-minded students from different walks of life. I had the privilege of being a member of the KMC Band, and it will forever remain a cherished memory I have of Manipal.






An opportunity to grow, an opportunity to develop, it's opportunities galore at KMC Manipal. Being into athletics and basketball, I have been able to balance out sports and academics as the facilities here are a class apart. One has to live it to believe it.






"KMC Manipal helps you strike a perfect balance between academic and extracurricular development— providing a learning experience like no other medical college in the country."

Poorvaprabha Patil





"The pedagogy at Manipal is unparalleled, with devoted and avuncular professors, structured curriculum and congenial learning environment."

Sufyan Ibrahim





 Journeyed through a wholesome and holistic experience here in Manipal. The unparalleled teaching has helped me reach remarkable heights. As a cherry on top, the ambiance of the university is impeccable!

Tejaswini Girish





"KMC has truly helped in my overall development as an individual and to build new connections through various fests and events, giving me opportunities beyond academics."

Vaishnavi Kavirayani





Be in Manipal and experience all you need to culture the athlete you have always inspired to be. The opportunities this college provides not only orients your personality but also aligns you on the path to a better future.

Parth Gill