Public Health Evidence South Asia (PHESA) is an initiative which includes the South Asian satellite of the Cochrane Public Health (CPH), based at Manipal Academy of Higher Education. PHESA aims to meet the public health evidence needs of the South Asian Region. Presently, we have grown into an international network with global collaborations, including many universities, public health organizations and NGOs.

Our staff and interns have roots across the globe. We aim to partner with various organisations and individuals spanning subject areas in order to solve a variety of public health problems faced by low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We work together to foster a flexible environment which inspires new ideas, debate, change and innovation; with a focus on capacity building in public health research.

Vision: To facilitate the synthesis, production and dissemination of high-quality evidence of effect of Public Health interventions relevant to the South Asian Region.


Capacity Building  Mentoring reviewers and methodologists in South Asian region for conducting and appreciating systematic reviews of public health importance.

Evidence building  producing systematic reviews of public health interest relevant to South Asian region.

Networking with institutions and individuals across the region.

Primary Research Including methodological development for knowledge synthesis and translation.

Knowledge dissemination and Advocacy Disseminating knowledge by organizing workshops and conferences.


Dr Bhumika T V (Faculty, PHESA, Department of Health Information, PSPH, MAHE, Manipal) is the Coordinator.

Email ID: bhumika.tv@manipal.edu


Internship and exchange programmes

The Internship programme is an initiative of PHESA designed for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates of diverse backgrounds for the duration of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or for 1 year to work with PHESA.

Under this programme, students are involved in ongoing projects under PHESA and will get exposure to public health research. Students are educated on health disparities, health issues, professional development and community health promotion activities.A certificate is granted on successful completion of internship. International students can apply for our internship programme.

Certificate Course on Evidence Synthesis: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis:

PHESA, Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, conducts an annual ‘Certificate Course on Evidence Synthesis: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis' every year. This course is based on the principle of “Learning by doing”. In the duration of this course, every step of a systematic review is elaborately explained and practical exposure is provided in the form of practice exercises, take-home assignments, group activities and hands-on training in systematic reviews. At course completion, the participants are expected to have gained in-depth knowledge about systematic review methodology and to come up with a systematic review protocol of their topic of interest. The upcoming 'Certificate Course on Evidence Synthesis: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis' will be conducted from September 20 to 25, 2021.

Certificate Course Flyer Link: Certificate Course on Evidence Synthesis: Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis 


For more information, please visit www.phesa.manipal.edu



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For more information about PHESA, visit http://www.phesa.manipal.edu