Health literacy is the ability of an individual to be  completely informed about  his health/ disease condition and makes informed and independent decisions for maintenance of the same. He should have access for comprehensive information which is related to his disease condition, able to appraise and apply so that it can help improve his quality of life.

Health literacy in India is in its infancy. Even though there is a considerable increase in access to health information through technology, it has been noticed in public health practice that people fail to make informed decisions pertaining to their health/ disease.

Manipal Health Literacy Unit was started on January 15, 2015 with an overall vision to excel in Health Literacy research, policy and practice. The mission of Manipal Health Literacy Unit was to be one of the preferred unit for health literacy studies in India. The main objectives of the centre are:

•       To carry out the practice and policy focused, multi-disciplinary research and development activities in health literacy

•       To collaborate  with national and international institutes to generate evidence in the areas of health literacy



·         A study of Health Literacy among students of various Health Sciences Institutions of MAHE

·         Development of generic toolbox for Health Literacy in collaboration with Health Holland

·         Health information messages on local radio channels

·         Student dissertations on health literacy among the local population

·         Asian Health Literacy Association -International Conference at Manipal in 2021


Dr Arathi Rao (Coordinator - MPH Program, Department of Health Policy, PSPH, MAHE, Manipal) is the Coordinator.

Email ID: arathi.anil@manipal.edu