Demography is the study of population dynamics and their underlying determinants. In doing so, it relies heavily on data availability and data quality to study past and predict future population-level dynamics. Typically, demography is focusing on fertility, migration and mortality as the central components of population dynamics and the new proposed centre would focus most explicitly on mortality and health aspects.


The centre will primarily rest on two pillars: research and education with both activities having an international and interdisciplinary focus.


1.      The main objective would be to build capacity in Health Demography at MAHE

2.      To elucidate causes for population health improvements and population ageing

3.      Societal consequences that a population with an increasing number of older people creates

4.      Monitoring the current and future health demand of Indian sub-populations 

5.      Estimate the public and private support demand of older Indians and their families


 Dr Tobias Vogt Assistant Professor for Healthy Ageing, Population Research Centre, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Dr. T.M.A. Pai Endowment Chair for Health Demography, Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal Academy for Higher Education, India is the coordinator.

Email ID: t.c.vogt@rug.nl